High Quality  

Sleek Design

Explore the exclusive SFERA LUNA videophone panels.

Sleek design and high-end finish for the entry panels 

from BTicino.

About Luna

Convince youreself by the functional design of LUNA

  • Sleek design
  • 10mm solid aluminum
  • Available in all RAL colors
  • Customizable with engraved house number and/or name
  • Available with LED lighting
  • Easy installation
  • Blind mounting highlights the minimalist design

More than just a video doorphone

A unique timeless & sleek design for private and commercial constructions.


SFERA-LUNA is functional and very practical ! Also in terms of installation, thanks to:

  • Aluminium solid
  • 10mm thickness
  • Top-of-the-range finish
  • Vandalism resistant.
  • Powder coated, seaside.
  • All ral colors available

Customisation solutions

Make SFERA-LUNA unique & more exclusive through its personalization options:

  • Easy interchangeable name tags.
  • Black or stainlesssteel call button, also led illuminated
  • House signs en names engraved or lasered
  • Residence or project name engraved
  • House sign LED LIT via info module BT352200
  • 353000 Code Keyboard
  • 352500 Display module
  • 353200 Badge reader
  • BTE101310 Sfera fingerpringer module
  • 352500 Sfera alfanumeric display module


SFERA-LUNA is functional and straightforward! Also in terms of installation, thanks to:

  • Central mounting system
  • Non-visible mounting
  • Easy installation in narrow environments.
  • Installation possibilities on walls, gates, poles, parcel mailboxes, etc ....
  • Flush mounting or surface mounting.

SFERA-LUNA realisations

Let us seduce you with beautiful photographs of a number of SFERA-LUNA realisations, soon available